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How to buy a car seal?

How to buy a car seal?
Time : 2017-11-30

Car seal can enhance the sealing performance of the car, but before buying how to choose the car seal it? Now Fang Yi sealing for everyone to explain how to choose.

     1, first before buying, to identify the smell, whether it is made of rubber, and secondly, he is a certain degree of flexibility. This is related to his use. Different uses of the seal has a different flexibility. This is related to his craft.

    2, you can buy sealed with glue, because of the ease of use and widespread use.

    3, here to talk about tape, and now most of the tape with red foam plastic and three M plastic. There is also a yellow multi-grid adhesive, which is easy to glue off the gum in the summer, because he is easily melted at high temperatures, so it is best not to use. And now red foam cotton, paste effect is not good. This is related to the quality of the tape. Authentic American M three M adhesive paste good effect, but the service life is long, but the price will be slightly more expensive.

       Fang Yi sealing According to the customer's request will be the production of various types of sealing products, welcome to buy.

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